Aiden Morse + Anna Crews


August 8, 2015, 7-11pm


Anna finds lovebirds nesting above the window. They visit daily. Aiden fears the day when the two birds, coming home clumsy, will fly into the window instead of landing above it. Aiden plays with the blind cord and sits by the window. At dusk, Aiden lays down door snakes to keep out any other unwelcome guests. Anna likes the door snakes and they keep the house warm. Aiden uses techniques associated with commercial imaging to create a cryptic visual fable. Aiden uses avian romances, anthropomorphised door snakes, imagined bird strikes and subsequent cremations in a conflation of autobiography and paranoid fantasy.


Aiden was born in 1994 and currently works in Melbourne, Australia. Recent exhibitions include Quiet Enjoyment at Barkly Place, The Originals at Galerie Tatjana Pieters and Soft Opening at Fort Delta. Feathers Together will be his first US solo show. He works closely with his girlfriend, Anna Crews.